Microsoft Outlook

Outlook comprises of a number of different elements:

Outlook is a very effective e-mail manager, allowing you to keep track of all your messages.  Outlook allows the user to utilise the skills of Microsoft Word when creating e-mails.

Keep track of your contact lists using this network orientated contact manager, this system will allow you to store a lot more than the simple names and address, but effectively links into the e-mail aspect of the system.

Outlooks calendar control or diary system gives the user the skills to not just store appointments, but also to get it to prompt you if you are going to miss an appointment.  This element of Outlook is not just effective stand alone, but like other areas works very well in a network environment.

If you are using the whole of Microsoft Office, then Outlook will automatically journal time you have spent working on documents you have created or have been editing.

Outlook also comprises of a number of other useful utilities giving any office secretarial role a head start.  If you have Outlook and have not got it configured to work on your network properly, why not seek our advice on the right network configurations to use.

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