Microsoft PowerPoint

This course is designed for the person who wants to make an impact or turn that drab presentation into something people will remember. The facility to be able to incorporate pictures as well as text makes PowerPoint just the thing to use to impress your audience.

This course takes the user through functions suited to a number of different types of people, those who are more at home on the keyboard and those more at home with a mouse. Outlining makes PowerPoint compatible with a similar function in Word, making for multi program compatibility.

Masters make those lengthy drab presentations come to life with professional uniformity, and templates allow the presentation to change appearance very easily and quickly. The audience need not feel left out as PowerPoint is capable of producing handouts and notes automatically formatted onto a page and printed out in colour.

For those users who are wanting to impress with a more computerised and animated presentation you need look no further as PowerPoint allows for a number of animation styles, as well as sound and music.

It is guaranteed that this course will impress not just the user but the audience!

Product Versions Covered
All versions since Office 2000

1 Day

£200.00 + vat

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